Members of Leaders for Tomorrow from Shyama Prasad Mukherjee College organized a tree plantation event on 1st September 2014 in a park on club road of Punjabi Bagh with around 80 students present for the event. The event was held from 12 till 4 in the evening where in students had to plant a sapling each. The volunteers and the core team started working diligently for the event a week before to attain the maximum input. They commenced by addressing the students at the meeting and briefing about the respective event. Putting up the posters in and around the premises of the college helped in gathering a huge number. Distributing pamphlets for the event had a major role in indulging the new kids on block. All the necessary points were kept in mind while planning the event and for making it feasible for the students to appear for the event the venue was chosen near the college.

On the day of event, the core team reached the venue an hour before to make arrangements for water and tools and also the care takers of the area. A huge number of saplings were arranged by the team from the nearby nursery. A tattoo competition was also held during the event to indulge the participants more into the act, while the further preparatory measures were made. Later, saplings were planted on the area where there were no plants or lesser number of biennials were visible by the participants. Thereupon a slogan writing competition was also held on the topic‘environment’ and some beautiful and inspiring entries were made by the participants. And the best ones were given a LFT miniature too.

All the contributors of the happening took part effectively and had fun. Apart from slogan making and tattoo making competitions, another consideration took place where the willing ones discussed their attachment towards the nature and its resources and put forward their experiences and ideas of the event held. Few of the remarkable experiences shared by them were updated on the official page as well. This interactive side of the occurrence made these people even more sensitive towards our environment and saving it from further destruction. Few of them even pledged to plant a tree on the days of remembrance i.e. birthdays, anniversaries and other days of importance. Keeping aside the bigger picture, photographs were also clicked by students appointed to do the needful and the best ones were put up on the official LFT’s page. During the event the people wandering near the area also seemed to get inspired by the youth doing a wonderful job. Some of them, even came up and congratulated for the measure.

It was a great experience for everyone while adopting a plant. Members still go and check upon the saplings they planted, and are proud of doing it. For the team as well, it was a learning experience as they learnt how to organize events and on the other hand, learnt teamwork too. The place looks greener than before now.

Jasroop Kaur


Survey For Social Change at SBSC

Shaheed Bhagat Singh College


DATE:24TH SEPTEMBER                             TIME: 12:30PM      

Female security has become a key issue in today’s life. The day by day increasing number of crimes against women has alarmed the society. The society always tries to come out with a number of solutions to such grievances. So in order to check the mindset of the society, the LFT’s unit at SBSC came out with a unique idea of conducting a survey cum awareness drive.

‘SFSC-  SURVEY FOR SOCIAL CHANGE‘ was conducted by the college unit on 24th September 2014 at SBSC campus. The survey was headed by ‘Rahul kumar’ under the able guidance of college heads ‘Vibhor Garg’  and ‘Gunjan Rajpal’.

There were around 150 entries mostly by students and some teachers. The core team worked hard to ensure that the survey reaches out to each and every individual. It was quite surprising to find that how the survey shaped out. It clearly showcases the rational and enigmatic mindset of today’s youth. Present day youth want to take these challenges very seriously. Women have been an integral part of the society and their safety and security should be given utmost priority infact we youth must ensure it everywhere that we give our best in protecting the female section of the society.

When we asked about the root cause of the increasing violence against women, 82% people believed it’s the corrupt mindset of people where as 11% believed illicit scenes in movies provoke people to do such crimes. It was quite shocking to hear that 7% people still believe dressing of girls remains the cause.

83% believe that police don’t cooperate with women at times of need whereas 17% people showed some respect towards police.

87% of people believe that the latest norms devised by the government of India are not sufficient whereas 92% feel the need of a customised police shell in every college with a woman officer in charge.

The government’s effort towards providing seats for women in public transport reaped some fortune as 71% felt satisfied while 29% were still agonized.

We often hear politicians blaming women for their dressing rather than taking actions against the accused but their words sought minimum takers as 88% people clearly showed disregard. 73% people believed gender sensitization classes be given to both men and women.

There was an acute tussle over the media role in a crime sensitization. 54% believed that media exaggerates the face of crime while 46% supported it. This clearly shows how much we rely on media these days.

When asked about type of punishment given to those guilty of outmodesting women, 67% people believed they should be penalized with death warrant whereas 33% wanted life imprisonment for them. When we asked a girl that why she chose life imprisonment over death penalty, the answer we got was quite chilling. She said “If we award an accused with death penalty he will die soon facing very little pain, this is way too less than what he gave to the girl, Keep him alive and he will die every day of his guilt.” Listening to this one could clearly make out how much fire  youth carry in their hearts. People who participated in the survey also opined us with valuable suggestions. Many believed sex education, gender sensitization, moral science, banning of porn stuff could bring happy days once again.

The key reason behind the survey was to create awareness among the people on the issue of women. If youth of today rise to accept such challenges, then no one would be able to beat their immense power and dedication towards the issue.

The event was quite successful as we received such a huge participation but the hard work of all core team members could not be left unmentioned. Their awareness was one of the reasons behind the success of the event. Such programs incorporate social duties among us and we look forward to do such programs on a regular basis.

Report by: Abhishek Pandey


EDITED BY :- Deepankshi

Kirorimal College

CLEANATHON at Vivekananda


Date of Conduction : 30th September, 2014
Total No. of Members : 65
“Planet Earth is our home help us to keep it Clean”
We hear a lot about cleanliness and most of them are complaints! If everyone seems to be complaining, who is the actual culprit? Or is it that we join the bandwagon of those who litter, as and when we want to? and jump back to the ‘civilized club’ when we have nothing to donate to the streets!!
There may be times when people are being a good citizen and the conscience is telling them to do the right things almost automatically and then they witness someone else do the exact opposite. They suddenly find their conscience telling them “why should I be the only one?” and they are back to what is ‘negatively convenient’ Unfortunately habits are developed by repetition of an action and old habits are hard to die. It is then a matter of strengthening the conscience and allowing it to guide us to do the right.

A similar thought led the members of LEADERS For TOMORROW to venture into a drive that would wake the conscience of students of Vivekananda College. This Drive was named as CLEANATHON.  The drive towards a cleaner Vivekananda was strengthened by the active participation of 65 members of LFT.

Firstly we drew the attention of people towards this event by posters.  Then we talked to students of various departments to be a part of  Cleanathon. They didn’t have problem with the timings as we conducted it during our break time.Our main focus was on the college ground as it’s the place where students are found the most after canteen : they purchase food –eat in ground- throw away the disposable plates carelessly!  Further, we assembled together after completion of the program and vowed to keep the place clean.

The objective of this program was to realize the fact that action speaks louder than words and thus its time for action rather than complaining. The event was well performed and  it gave us all a sense of satisfaction .

At the end, I would like to conclude the report by thanking  LEADERS For TOMORROW for conducting such events where people experience a sense of responsibility, with lots of fun, sense of unity and also for the contribution to environment.

Zonal Coordinator : Priyamvada
College head : Shruti Gupta
Reporters : Rashmi & Tanvi



Like many NGO’s running in Delhi our very own Binoy Job sir came with his unique idea of starting such a NGO which is entirely run by students and grads. His dream has come true with wide success LFT has been earning over these years. The LFT’s efficient team has been working diligently on different projects and ideas which nobody has ever implemented in reality. We reach out to people who have a passion to work towards a step ahead to some kind of betterment. Without a doubt, people have enjoyed working under us and have been granted promotions with all their hard work and honesty. LFT has many projects under it which are suitable for veritably different people too. We have IYM-Igniting Young Minds, where in students go to the orphanages and teach the little ones and help them grow with good etiquettes. We do have Mass Cleanathon which needs cleaning and keeping our surrounding clean and hygienic for ourselves and everybody, ADAPT-Adopt a Plant which includes planting a tree and taking care of it, ADAR- Anti Drug Anti Ragging Committee who helps students keep away from drugs and ragging thing. We also do have events which respective colleges take up and complete at their own parts.For instance, we have had shramdaan for helping out the Jammu and Kashmir flood victims. Apart from these events we have major events at large scales too like Yamuna Cleanathon where in students and people helped in cleaning the only river in Delhi. Receiving success in Delhi we have reached certain more parts of India where we have set up our stands too. And we have received a huge turnout than expected. LFT no matter what, teaches you a lot of things and gives you full exposure to keep in and present your thoughts which are also implemented. LFT provides you with all the resources needed to accomplish a target. It gives you contacts and requirements. Also since we have maintained healthy relationships with people around we are able to work with ease with them. Planning an event is your thing and implementing and executing it properly is ours. With your ideas we are able to think beyond the limit and with your support we are able to work towards our goals. We look forward to many ideas from you people who are willing to work with LEADERS FOR TOMORROW. 🙂

Jasroop Kaur

LFT-Platform for Upcoming Leaders

Every now and then we hear that Today’s Youngsters are lethargic and least responsible. Leaders For Tomorrow is a wide platform which provides the youngsters with the opportunities to prove themselves as the Hope of Future and shine as Upcoming Leaders. It organizes various inspiring events in different colleges so that the youngsters get influenced by those events and participate in each and every event to prove themselves in every arena. The various events organized by Leaders for Tomorrow such as ADAPT, ADAR, CLEANATHON, SHRAMDAAN etc leave an inspiring effect on every individual and attract a large number of people to be a part of them.

ADAPT is an event which highlights the importance of planting saplings and the vital role played by trees in balancing the Ecosystem. ADAPT was organized in Kirorimal College in the month of August in which a large number of students as well as teachers took an initiative to plant saplings brought from a nursery in the lawn of the college. They made it memorable by dedicating the saplings planted by them to a person of their choice by attaching a name tag of that person with the particular plant. ADAPT left an inspiring effect on the students of KMC and taught them the importance of trees for mankind.

Cleanathon is an event which is totally based upon the cleanliness of the environment. The main highlights of this event are Cleaning Drive in which all the members involved in it, clean their surroundings by collecting the scattered garbage and putting it into trash cans. Cleanathon teaches the youngsters the importance of hygiene and cleanliness and therefore promotes the idea of cleanliness of the whole country in some way or the other. Therefore, Cleanathon brings out the clean souls of every individual.

ADAR- a weapon against the deadly devils of Drug and Ragging. It promotes the idea of Anti-Drugs and Anti-Ragging as drugs causes slow and steady death of an individual and ragging shatters all the aspirations of a new comer. Leaders For Tomorrow take an initiative worth praising in order to make the society free from the clutches of these deadly devils.

Shramdaan-The way of making the hard workers of our society feel free of their burden for at least one day and boosting up their self confidence. In this event, the participants help the workers of the society with their work and encourage their spirit. Shramdaan provides helping hands to these workers. This event also leaves an inspiring effect on people and make them realize the pain and sufferings of these workers and thus generates the feeling of immense respect for the workers in the hearts of the every participating individual.

Leaders For Tomorrow brings out many such amazing and worth praising events which help the youngsters to make their identities in the crowd of people and provide the society with a stronger foundation and thus making it livable for mankind where every individual is responsible and strong to deal with every weak part of the society in his own way.

Kirorimal College


Leaders for tomorrow ,i.e., LFT  had organized a drive on cleanliness in the month of September in Daulat Ram College of DU. The drive was held in the campus area. The main motive of this drive was to clean the whole college by dividing all the students into various groups and allotting them the specified area to be cleaned. We were provided with the gloves and every group had a head who took us to our place. We picked up all the things that were littered there by the students and the other people. In this act we were able to collect huge stock of garbage. While performing our job, we understood two things- first of all, the condition of the workers who do that on daily basis under the burning sun which made all of us exhausted in just 15 minutes and secondly that we should not litter our surroundings. We all love to go to abroad because of the cleanliness that we find there and we all love it but we should also understand that it is maintained by the people living there. People living there do not throw their house garbage outside on the streets and even their wrappers or something, instead they either throw it in the big vans of garbage or keep the wrappers in their bags so that they can throw them whenever they get a chance to dispose it. If we love to live in a place where there is no garbage around us, so we all must take steps and one day all of us will be practicing the same and our country will also look beautiful without mess.

LFT had also organised ‘SHRAMDAAN’ in an old age home in Vidhan sabha where the students of Daulat Ram College had visited to spend their day with the people living there who were left alone by their families there. SHRAMDAAN means providing the labour services to the people in need. All the students who went there were very much excited because giving smiles to other people makes us happy from inside. But when we came to know about their stories, some of us cried as they were really heartbreaking. All the people living there became happy on seeing us but some cried too as they were expecting their families to come which they expect every day. We started to talk them and sang songs for them. Many students danced when they sang. They really had beautiful voices and it seemed like they all were huge fans of Amitabh Bachchan. One woman told us her poems and quotes that she wrote in her leisure time. At last we clicked some photos with them and departed by saying goodbye to them and promising them that we will surely return to meet them again in future. We learnt how important is the presence of our elders in our families and how much they also need us and love us. They took care of us in our childhood and now it’s our duty to take care of them in their old age.

Kritika Jain

Campus Reporters