Date of Conduction : 30th September, 2014
Total No. of Members : 65
“Planet Earth is our home help us keep it Clean”
We hear a lot about cleanliness and most of them are complaints! If everyone seems to be complaining, who is the actual culprit? Or is it that we join the bandwagon of those who litter, as and when we want to? and jump back to the ‘civilized club’ when we have nothing to donate to the streets!!
There may be times when people are being a good citizen and the conscience is telling them to do the right things almost automatically and then they witness someone else do the exact opposite. They suddenly find their conscience telling them “why should I be the only one?” and they  are back to what is ‘negatively convenient’ Unfortunately habits are developed by repetition of an action and old habits are hard to die. It is then a matter of strengthening the conscience and allowing it to guide us to do the right.

A similar thought led the members of LEADERS For TOMORROW to venture into a drive that would wake the conscience of students of Vivekananda College. This Drive was named as CLEANATHON.  The drive towards a cleaner Vivekananda was strengthened by the active participation of 65 members of LFT.

Firstly we drew the attention of people towards this event by posters.  Then we talked to students of various departments to be a part of  Cleanathon. They didn’t have problem with the timings as we conducted it during our break time.Our main focus was on the college ground as it’s the place where students are found the most after canteen : they purchase food –eat in ground- throw away the disposable plates carelessly!  Further, we assembled together after completion of the program and vowed to keep the place clean.

The objective of this program was to realize the fact that action speaks louder than words and thus its time for action rather than complaining. The event was well performed and  it gave us all a sense of satisfaction .

At the end, I would like to conclude the report by thanking  LEADERS For TOMORROW for conducting such events where people experience a sense of responsibility, with lots of fun, sense of unity and also for the contribution to environment.

Zonal Coordinator : Priyamvada
College head : Shruti Gupta
Reporters : Rashmi & Tanvi



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