Shaheed Bhagat Singh College


Date: 17th September 2014      Time: 12:30pm at 12:30pm.

‘ADAPT- Adopt a plant’ the flagship program of LEADERS FOR TOMORROW was held at Shaheed Bhagat Singh College premises on 17th September 2014 at 12:30pm. As many as 120 vibrant and enthusiastic volunteers took part in the atmost important program.

At the appropriate time, all the volunteers spearheaded by the college head, Vibhor Garg gathered near the Resident welfare authority park next to college premises. 64 sapling were procured from the Hauz Rani horticultural centre on free to basis. The event was marked with presence of local residents as well.

The program started at 12:30pm. Every member planted a sapling in a group of three. The smile and proud feeling on the faces of volunteers while planting the sapling could easily be identified. The core team members and the college head put in their heart and soul to ensure that every sapling gets properly planted and watered through the hands of volunteers.

Some of the volunteers were very enthusiastic about the program and even named some saplings. The volunteers vowed that they would plant a sapling on their every happy occasion and would spread the message too. They pledged to take care of the sapling they just planted.

When asked about the program to an enthusiastic volunteer, she said “ its lovely to be a part of such an organization which gives us a platform to help our surroundings, LFT literally gives us wings. I would like to join every such program of LFT.” The program came to end at 2 pm.

Overall the program was a grand success and relentless efforts put in by the college head and the core team members  were finally justified. The program was even praised by the local residents which gave the LFT members a boost and which would motivate them to do such programs in future too.





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