A non-profit organisation “Leaders for Tomorrow” recently campaigned in our college “Institute of Home Economics, Hauz Khaz” on 8th and 9th of September 2014 . ADAPT – adopt a plant was the title given to the campaign as it was related to environment and the ways to deal with it.

The events organised on 8th of September included poster making , preparing something out of waste material,

and the quiz competition.Many students enthusiastically participated in them . The volunteers of leaders for tomorrow made exciting things using waste materials .This helped the students to showcase their creativity and talent in front of others.Many students who participated in the quiz competition were excited for the results which were announced the other day.

On the second day the programme was started by plant sapling. Many students participated in plant sapling.There were many core team members,our school head etc with us to motivate the volunteers.

After plant sapling all the students stamped their mudded hands on the chart paper and wrote their remarks .

People from differnet semesters were gathered to enjoy the event.Even the teachers were invited to plant the sapling.

After this event it was continued with the prize distribution of winners of quiz , posters , and the product made from waste material .

Prize distribution ceremony concluded the event with an overwhelming experience for all of us and a gift to our mother earth .




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