ADAPT- A step towards a greener planet

A day before ADAPT the College was buzzing with the sound of ADAPT. Saplings were ready. Students were ready. LFT team of Hansraj College was going to organise a plantation drive on 29/08/2014 in its front lawn. The whole team was led by the ADAPT head (Hitesh). They worked harder to achieve the best outcome from the event. Event started at 12:20 with planting first sapling in the lawn by Principle Dr V. K. Kawatra .Promotions started 2 weeks before the happening by pasting posters for the same in college campus. Students looked forward to LFT event and so they suggested poster making, slogan writing, competitions etc. Even though not a lot of publicity was done for this plantation drive most of the students already knew about this plantation drive when asked about it and they answered with full enthusiasm. Some of them stated:
“What this LFT is doing is a very good thing for a good cause but sadly not much advertisement and publicity was made about this” said a third year student of BSc. Chemisty (Hons).
“Planting new saplings is a good thing but forgetting about them after planting them is a bit useless” said J.P Jayat a BSc. Physics (Hons) 2nd year student .
The Drive commenced with a competition of poster making with eye catching slogans such as ,”Adopt a tree. Save a life”, “Let the green be seen”. Right after that, it started with the plantation of first sapling by zonal head Shilpa, college head Gauri and ADAPT head Hitesh. Students started planting saplings in teams. More than 200 students attended the event. About 35 saplings were planted in the college. Poster making event was also organised by LFT with the theme “Trees in Life” as add on to the event. Best poster was awarded a prize from the top 3 posters. During this event many new members got inspired and joined hands with LFT. Few students even named the tree they planted and took the oath to personally take care of it.
“I enjoyed being a part of this plantation drive and taking a step forward towards saving trees. After all trees sustain life on earth and so it is our responsibility to not disturb the natural life cycle” said Seema, a fresher from maths department.
“I believe this is a great initiative and there should be more and more plantation drives to make awareness at the ground level .Unless the common man realizes the consequences that earth with face if trees are chopped down nothing can change” said Rakhi from Chemistry (Hons).
Singmichon keishing, Anthropology student 2nd year said “I am glad that i am going to plant a tree and I’m going to give it a name too. More and more trees should be planted as they are a source of oxygen and they provide shelter and food for wildlife.”
A day after the event the students were still talking about the small competitions that took place yesterday. They stated that they had a good time and would gladly volunteer for these kinds of events more often. They felt that not only did it create a sense of awareness among them but also a sense of protecting the saplings because they had planted them. Indeed, the occasion was a huge success. LET’S MAKE WORLD MORE GREENER.


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