My LFT Experience

Leaders for tomorrow is the only organization where i got so many opportunities at a same place. I had joined as an intern but now LFT is like my family and everyday I have something new to learn and new challenges to face. The most beautiful part of my LFT memory is igniting young minds i.e. our flagship project where we try to impart knowledge to children who are underprivileged and I try to join this every time it is conducted because according to me if you have knowledge and you are not sharing with others then it is of no use. Leaders for tomorrow is a perfect platform to interact with other students of different colleges and to work in a formal organisation where u can learn from your mistakes and you will always have something new to experiment.
In one of the major events of LFT, ADAPT, where we plant saplings and promote the message of green environment, I was appointed as the event head from north zone and there I got a chance to plant maximum saplings with help of north zone volunteers and they had done it very well.
Cleanathon is an event where we take initiative to clean our surroundings and make everyone aware about cleaner environment.
The most amazing thing is every programme here is a zero budget programme and we no money is invested here.
According to me leaders for tomorrow will be always one of my favourite organisations because here you’ll learn to become a true leader.

– Vaibhav Chaudhary



MSCW- Adopt A plant (ADAPT)

“The glory of gardening: hands in the dirt, head in the sun, heart with nature. To nurture a garden is to feed not just on the body, but the soul. “- Alfred Austin.
The above quotation unquestionably holds true and here is Mata Sundri College For Women with an event “ADAPT” (Adopt a Plant) to transpire on 4th September 2014- an initiative by Leaders For Tomorrow- to tell people about how environment degradation is spreading it’s wings and what’s the need of the hour.
The preparations for the event are in full swing. From posters to notices everything is perfectly in there place. As per one of the notices to individuate ADAPT people from others, the participants were asked to wear either green or white color t-shirt.


First year psychology students on being questioned whether they like the college environment or not and what do they think about this initiative taken up by LFT, Gurmeet, Anushka and Manpreet said “As a student we really like the environment of our campus it’s green and clean. We personally think that adapt is one of the great event it would not only help us make the environment greener but people much more aware about the need to conserve because it’s not just one leader that counts it’s about individual efforts and their contributions.”


When the same question was asked from first year honours students, Simran, Narang and Sonalika Sood said that they’re glad that at last a chance is coming where they can serve the society and also considering the deteriorating condition of the environment, such events are extremely useful. All the students are in full zest to fete the event. The seniors are also constantly calling attention of the students to mark their presence and aid making a difference to the society where environment is being neglected and environment downgrading is taking place at an ever increasing rate.

What we stand for is what we stood on. Your mind is a garden, your thoughts are seeds. You can grow flowers or you can grow weeds. You can cover the whole earth with asphalt but sooner or later green grass would break through.

The people who care about the world will resonate with its purity. Don’t wait for extraordinary circumstances to act, try to use ordinary situations. An activist is not the man who says the river is dirty but it is the one who cleans it up. Mahatma Gandhi once said that you must be the change you wish to see in the world. This spirit of taking a step and contributing towards helping the environment to come out of its state of depletion is showcased by the volunteers of Leaders For Tomorrow.


ADAPT, which was organized by members of Leaders for tomorrow was held on 4th September at Deen Dayal Upadhay Park. The amazing weather conditions acted as an advantage as students were gathered in large number. The recent rains made the park pretty much a sight for sore eyes with its lush green trees and grass which had further decorated banners.

Students were in high spirits and participated in the various competitions like tattoo making, slogan writing, etc. with great enthusiasm. The first competition was the tattoo making competition. Beautiful and intricate leafy designs from philosophy honours were the winner of the tattoo making competition.

The second was slogan writing competition in which students were asked to come up with creative slogans about conservation of plants. Yati Kedia, a first year student from psychology honours was the winner of the slogan making competition and her slogan was “Green Green all around, save the environment raise your sound, plant a tree on the ground”.


The third was personal experience competition in which participants shared their personal experience or memories with plants. Aarti Jain a first year student from psychology honors won the competition by sharing with us how she gave life to a tomato plant.


After declaration of winners, the saplings were brought and planted. About 50 saplings were planted.

While planting saplings some volunteers shared their views about this event. Sukriti a student from psychology honors shared that it was almost a ritual for her as she plants a tree on her every birthday. Alisha from B.Com honors said that it was a very noble gesture taken up by the college and felt proud of herself for being associated with it. Farhana from Psychology Honors felt that adapt was bound to bring a change and help spread awareness about its cause. Palak from psychology honors said that as members of LFT and as the youth of the country it is necessary for them to participate in all such events. Harleen from philosophy felt that as long as we continued taking such initiatives the future of our country is in good hands, she was also confident about adapt bringing a change.


Niharika from Sanskrit honors gave a speech on ‘why it is time to wake up and bring about a change’. She discussed various environment conservation methods and urged people to follow them.
The event ended with a pledge by girls to spread the message of adapts and follow it sincerely follow it sincerely.



“Zamaane ko badalne ka hausla rakhne wale,
Aksar pehle khud or apne ghar ko badla karte hain”

ADAPT, an event initiated by LFT, was successfully done on 4th September 2014 at Deen Dayal Upadhya Park. Various people around the park witnessed the event and appreciated the efforts of MSC girls.
People were questioned about environment and tree plantation.
Radhika Agarwal who witnessed the whole event said “I was passing through the park where I saw MSC girls planting trees and I got inspired by them. Planting trees is most important factor in our life. People are cutting trees for their own greed and they do not understand that coming generation has to face many problems because of deforestation. I make sure that I will also plant trees”.
Anamika, another girl from MSC and Sadaf Fatima B.Sc maths (hons) couldn’t attend the ADAPT but they appreciated their college mates and promised to plant trees in their locality. Anamika said, “kuch karna hain gar to sahi waqt nahi, bas ek shuruwaat chahiye , Fir dekh ye zaamana to khud ba khud tere sath chalega”

Kritika Loungani (hons) second year who witnessed the whole event was questioned about management, how she felt at the time of event to which she answered that the theme was good, i.e. “green plant” and she felt happy that people were united for a good cause. Shakshi Jain” (hons) who also witnessed the whole event was asked the same questions to which she said that it events like these increase belongingness towards society.

The success of ADAPT was in the air of Mata Sundri College. It changed the thinking of many students of college and now they are encouraged to plant trees and also contribute towards environment by other possible means.


Interviews: Prachi Sharma, Titiksha Paul and Tamanna Rajpal.

Pre event report: Vrinda Bagga

Main event report: Titiksha Paul, Hanika Khanna, Prachi Sharma and Tamanna Rajpal

Post event report: Anjali Rani and Anamika.

Photography: Vrinda Bagga and Namrata Sarkar.

My LFT Experience

My journey in Leaders For Tomorrow started with an internship for the campaign ADAR (Anti-Drug Anti-Ragging) which included spreading awareness about ill effects of drugs and ragging on health and mindset and mental state of youngsters and others. I was made the campaign manager and was given the responsibility to handle and lead 3 colleges. This experience was one of the best leading experience for me. By the end of the campaign, I ended up being one of the most successful campaign managers. At the end of the internship I was made South Zone Coordinator and Co-Head of MTL (Meet The Leaders) project of LFT and our academic session started. One-by-One our new campus events kept on coming and with every event new leadership quality was instilled in me. ADAPT (Adopt A Plant), CLEANATHON, COLLECTION DRIVE, SHRAMDAAN, etc. All events were unique, socially beneficial and self-developing. Working and leading a team and making more leaders out of them is the best part of Leaders For Tomorrow and I will be proud to be a part of it for my lifetime. One of the best event was SHRAMDAAN, in which we went to an old-age home. Spending time with elder people gave us immense pleasure and those moments will be cherished by us throughout our life. I just want to say that, today, if I am a good leader then all the credits goes to LFT. Thanks to the whole team of LEADERS FOR TOMORROW for giving me the opportunity to be a part of this wonderful family and taking out the best from me.

Suraj Bhatia

-Suraj Bhatia
South Zone Coordinator



Shaheed Bhagat Singh College


Date: 17th September 2014      Time: 12:30pm at 12:30pm.

‘ADAPT- Adopt a plant’ the flagship program of LEADERS FOR TOMORROW was held at Shaheed Bhagat Singh College premises on 17th September 2014 at 12:30pm. As many as 120 vibrant and enthusiastic volunteers took part in the atmost important program.

At the appropriate time, all the volunteers spearheaded by the college head, Vibhor Garg gathered near the Resident welfare authority park next to college premises. 64 sapling were procured from the Hauz Rani horticultural centre on free to basis. The event was marked with presence of local residents as well.

The program started at 12:30pm. Every member planted a sapling in a group of three. The smile and proud feeling on the faces of volunteers while planting the sapling could easily be identified. The core team members and the college head put in their heart and soul to ensure that every sapling gets properly planted and watered through the hands of volunteers.

Some of the volunteers were very enthusiastic about the program and even named some saplings. The volunteers vowed that they would plant a sapling on their every happy occasion and would spread the message too. They pledged to take care of the sapling they just planted.

When asked about the program to an enthusiastic volunteer, she said “ its lovely to be a part of such an organization which gives us a platform to help our surroundings, LFT literally gives us wings. I would like to join every such program of LFT.” The program came to end at 2 pm.

Overall the program was a grand success and relentless efforts put in by the college head and the core team members  were finally justified. The program was even praised by the local residents which gave the LFT members a boost and which would motivate them to do such programs in future too.





A non-profit organisation “Leaders for Tomorrow” recently campaigned in our college “Institute of Home Economics, Hauz Khaz” on 8th and 9th of September 2014 . ADAPT – adopt a plant was the title given to the campaign as it was related to environment and the ways to deal with it.

The events organised on 8th of September included poster making , preparing something out of waste material,

and the quiz competition.Many students enthusiastically participated in them . The volunteers of leaders for tomorrow made exciting things using waste materials .This helped the students to showcase their creativity and talent in front of others.Many students who participated in the quiz competition were excited for the results which were announced the other day.

On the second day the programme was started by plant sapling. Many students participated in plant sapling.There were many core team members,our school head etc with us to motivate the volunteers.

After plant sapling all the students stamped their mudded hands on the chart paper and wrote their remarks .

People from differnet semesters were gathered to enjoy the event.Even the teachers were invited to plant the sapling.

After this event it was continued with the prize distribution of winners of quiz , posters , and the product made from waste material .

Prize distribution ceremony concluded the event with an overwhelming experience for all of us and a gift to our mother earth .





Date of Conduction : 30th September, 2014
Total No. of Members : 65
“Planet Earth is our home help us keep it Clean”
We hear a lot about cleanliness and most of them are complaints! If everyone seems to be complaining, who is the actual culprit? Or is it that we join the bandwagon of those who litter, as and when we want to? and jump back to the ‘civilized club’ when we have nothing to donate to the streets!!
There may be times when people are being a good citizen and the conscience is telling them to do the right things almost automatically and then they witness someone else do the exact opposite. They suddenly find their conscience telling them “why should I be the only one?” and they  are back to what is ‘negatively convenient’ Unfortunately habits are developed by repetition of an action and old habits are hard to die. It is then a matter of strengthening the conscience and allowing it to guide us to do the right.

A similar thought led the members of LEADERS For TOMORROW to venture into a drive that would wake the conscience of students of Vivekananda College. This Drive was named as CLEANATHON.  The drive towards a cleaner Vivekananda was strengthened by the active participation of 65 members of LFT.

Firstly we drew the attention of people towards this event by posters.  Then we talked to students of various departments to be a part of  Cleanathon. They didn’t have problem with the timings as we conducted it during our break time.Our main focus was on the college ground as it’s the place where students are found the most after canteen : they purchase food –eat in ground- throw away the disposable plates carelessly!  Further, we assembled together after completion of the program and vowed to keep the place clean.

The objective of this program was to realize the fact that action speaks louder than words and thus its time for action rather than complaining. The event was well performed and  it gave us all a sense of satisfaction .

At the end, I would like to conclude the report by thanking  LEADERS For TOMORROW for conducting such events where people experience a sense of responsibility, with lots of fun, sense of unity and also for the contribution to environment.

Zonal Coordinator : Priyamvada
College head : Shruti Gupta
Reporters : Rashmi & Tanvi


ADAPT- A step towards a greener planet

A day before ADAPT the College was buzzing with the sound of ADAPT. Saplings were ready. Students were ready. LFT team of Hansraj College was going to organise a plantation drive on 29/08/2014 in its front lawn. The whole team was led by the ADAPT head (Hitesh). They worked harder to achieve the best outcome from the event. Event started at 12:20 with planting first sapling in the lawn by Principle Dr V. K. Kawatra .Promotions started 2 weeks before the happening by pasting posters for the same in college campus. Students looked forward to LFT event and so they suggested poster making, slogan writing, competitions etc. Even though not a lot of publicity was done for this plantation drive most of the students already knew about this plantation drive when asked about it and they answered with full enthusiasm. Some of them stated:
“What this LFT is doing is a very good thing for a good cause but sadly not much advertisement and publicity was made about this” said a third year student of BSc. Chemisty (Hons).
“Planting new saplings is a good thing but forgetting about them after planting them is a bit useless” said J.P Jayat a BSc. Physics (Hons) 2nd year student .
The Drive commenced with a competition of poster making with eye catching slogans such as ,”Adopt a tree. Save a life”, “Let the green be seen”. Right after that, it started with the plantation of first sapling by zonal head Shilpa, college head Gauri and ADAPT head Hitesh. Students started planting saplings in teams. More than 200 students attended the event. About 35 saplings were planted in the college. Poster making event was also organised by LFT with the theme “Trees in Life” as add on to the event. Best poster was awarded a prize from the top 3 posters. During this event many new members got inspired and joined hands with LFT. Few students even named the tree they planted and took the oath to personally take care of it.
“I enjoyed being a part of this plantation drive and taking a step forward towards saving trees. After all trees sustain life on earth and so it is our responsibility to not disturb the natural life cycle” said Seema, a fresher from maths department.
“I believe this is a great initiative and there should be more and more plantation drives to make awareness at the ground level .Unless the common man realizes the consequences that earth with face if trees are chopped down nothing can change” said Rakhi from Chemistry (Hons).
Singmichon keishing, Anthropology student 2nd year said “I am glad that i am going to plant a tree and I’m going to give it a name too. More and more trees should be planted as they are a source of oxygen and they provide shelter and food for wildlife.”
A day after the event the students were still talking about the small competitions that took place yesterday. They stated that they had a good time and would gladly volunteer for these kinds of events more often. They felt that not only did it create a sense of awareness among them but also a sense of protecting the saplings because they had planted them. Indeed, the occasion was a huge success. LET’S MAKE WORLD MORE GREENER.